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As the world becomes a more connected place; it is becoming harder for college students to differentiate themselves from other students. Many jobs are starting to require recent graduates to have a total of six months of working experience before getting a job. That means students in software development are expected to have at least two internships or one CO-OP before graduation. This can be extremely frustrating when companies force you to apply online and each application can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour. Many of these companies will just quickly reject candidates or worse, just not respond. We asked ourselves what is the best way to get a leg up on the competition, and increase likelihood of getting your first internship?


At PerfectIntern we have decided to solve this problem by leveraging partnerships with companies and having a thorough vetting process for interns. This allows our candidates to hone their skills at real technical problems and allows our partners to hire interns with confidence.

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About us

Who We Are

We are poisoning ourselves to become the leader and a staple of all college software developer students. We are making the intern search process a delightful and as stress free for student as possible.

We are a company built for students founded by students. We believe that all students have too much on their plate, and getting an internship should not be a part of it. Students should enjoy the search for an internship and the possibility of a career.

What We Do

We help companies find and hire vetted candidates. We do this with our unique questionnaire that will help identify students’ personalities and confirm a basic competence in the field of software development.

    We do this to achieve a range of goals:
  • Give hiring managers a better image of candidates
  • Confirm coding competence before an interview
  • Help identify candidates personality types
  • Help companies find interns with personality types
  •       that fit their culture

Companies' Services

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Saving Money

By providing vetted candidates companies won’t have to worry about third-party technical exams or traveling to the talent.


Providing data on each successful intern and using it for future placement.

Technical Screenings

Conducting technical screenings to provide feedback to technical and nontechnical recruiters.

Application Feeback

Providing specific feedback on companies' internship applications.


Using personality data to connect company's' culture with interns' personality.


Connecting companies of all sizes to potential candidates.

Students' Services

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Resume Review

We will provide resume feedback for every student. Including tips on formatting, length, and wording.


We will have potential interns take a personality and technical quiz. This is to help judge technical level and personality.

One Stop Application

We will work with our partners to try our best to make you only have to fill out one application to save you time!

Interview Prep

Our technical questions come straight from company questions we (at PerfectIntern) have had in the past. This will help you easily pass other interviews.


Sometimes getting an advantage is just who you know. We will leverage our network to help you!

Getting An Internship

Our goal is to help you secure your internship as efficiently as possible.

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